Transportation and tourism

From the airport to downtown

  • Aerobus : The 747 bus provides a connection between the airport and downtown Montreal. Tickets are available at the currency exchange, at the arrivals level. The rate is 10$ (valid 24 hours for the 747 bus and for all buses and subways in the city of Montreal).
  • Taxi : The flat rate from the airport to downtown is $CAN 40. Credit cards are accepted.
  • TeoTaxi : A terminal is available at the airport to make a reservation. The flat rate from the airport to downtown is $CAN40 (credit cards are accepted). There is also an app that can be downloaded to use the service to get around downtown.

Getting around

  • Metro and bus : A single ticket is sold for CAN$ 3,25 and gives access to the metro and bus system. You can also buy a 1-day pass (illimited use for 24 hours) at CAN$10 or a 3-day pass (illimited for 72 hours) at CAN$18.


Visit the Montreal tourism website for tourist attractions and other informations on Montreal.